Line Up


The list is near infinite when it comes to the quality of the drum and bass MC game in the UK right now…and that’s without even paying tribute to the countless heads who paved the way.

It’s definitely time to add a new name to that list, though. Few have been as proficient in quality, work rate and originality as the man behind the vocal on one of the most talked about tracks of 2020 – Duskee.

While Hack It alongside boy wonder K Motionz firmly announced his name on the scene, Duskee had been doing his thing for a handful of years before. His thoughtful and intelligent flow had seen his work smattered across a number of different tracks, most notably a collaborative EP on Fokus Recordings with FarFlow.

However, it’s in the last eighteen months that Duskee has really come into a class of his own, with a stream of seemingly unending stellar contributions to some of the most noteworthy tracks in recent times.

Duskee himself says that as Covid was “a time of silence, it was the time to be heard.” He’s most certainly done that, attacking the scene and working with a mass of producers and labels on a hectic release pattern.

In the past 12 months alone, he’s released certified bangers with T-95, Monrroe, Bru-C, Waeys, Annix, Degs, Nu:Tone, Sl8r, Villem, Zero T, Disrupta, PAV4N, My Nu Leng and Skepsis. Do you think he’s planning to slow down anytime soon? Of course he’s not.