Line Up

Big Zuu

Trust your instincts and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise – that’s Big Zuu’s philosophy, and it’s an effective one. It’s how the MC went from trainee youth worker to one of grime’s biggest and brightest talents, with his own primetime TV show and unmistakable pop cultural footprint. It’s how he pushed grime forward into empowering and eclectic new terrain, over the course of releases beloved by mainstream radio listeners and sweaty basement ravers alike, amassing massive critical acclaim along the way. It’s also, more recently, how he approached his debut album – the eagerly-awaited next milestone in the career of one of British music’s most exciting rising voices. “This thing is epic,” he grins, teasing the upcoming release. “It’s everything I’ve wanted to do, coming together at once. That R&B side, that grime side, hip-hop… everything. I gave myself no constraints. It’s just me going where the music takes me, being myself. It’s just me. Like, this is Big Zuu.”