BRB just planning my outfit for 21st of June

It is no wonder that after the Monday’s announcement by England’s Prime Minister, the Twitter and Facebook community has gone crazy and the Instagram meme pages have never been busier. AND WE ARE SO HERE FOR IT. To make sure nobody gets FOMO from all the memes, we have put together this post to bring out the best selection.

  1. Who misses their weekly Live Lounge photos or Pryzm Photobombs? The excitement of club photographs is real and we are loving this meme for it. 
  2. Next up we got Aldi, who’s social media manager clearly needs a raise. From engaging Facebook posts to relevant tweets, we are loving this whole new era of brands not being afraid to express their true emotions. 
  3. Raise your hand if you have bought way too many outfits in lockdown? Well now is your chance to start planning your outfit changes for 21st of June. 
  4. Another thing to point out is how many of us missed freshers. Climax Live misses you as much as you miss us, trust us! So let’s make sure this summer we party extra hard to make up for the missed year. Better get those VKs in the fridge for pres now. 
  5. And last but not least, was it love or was it lockdown? Stay tuned. 
  6. And for all those essential workers out there, better safe than sorry. See you in the local spoons 21st of June.