Why are festivals so amazing? 🤔

  • An experience is worth more than any object. Nowadays priorities have changed- we as consumers are more willing to spend our money on good times. Consumers no longer visit a festival purely for the music but see it as a full-package featuring tasty food, unique atmosphere and great company.
  • Amazing festival fashion. Forget your everyday boring attire – it’s time to bring out the flare pants, body jewels, boots and fishnets. We are replacing practicality with fun at festivals, because where else can you wear WHATEVER you want?!
  • Seeing your favourite artists in one weekend. What are the chances of seeing the biggest Drum and Bass legends in one weekend? Slim to none. Not only is this combo great for your wallet, but also because it will be a weekend, which you will be reminiscing about for the rest of your life.



  • Discovering new things. How many times have you looked at the line-up and picked the artists to go and see only to end up at a wrong tent to discover a new favourite? The excitement of entering a festival and the joy of discovering different locations is unbeatable…. Unless you lose your friends or your tent (thats a different story)


  • Provides us a time to break from the normal routine It’s almost as if festivals are redefining vacation- a break from daily work can do wonders for anyone. There’s been many articles, which point out how people at festivals are generally happier, as sometimes it’s great to live in a moment and embrace everything as it is now.

    There you have it, 7 reasons why you should attend at least 1 festival in 2021! Trust us you wont regret it.